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XVI Konferencja DiagMol 2015

"Molecular biology in diagnostics of infectious diseases and biotechnology"

Polish Society of Microbiologists
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  The Polish Society of Microbiologists (PSM) is one of the oldest scientific societies in Poland. It was established in 1927 by Roman Nitsch, Feliks Przesmycki and Zygmunt Szymanowski as the Polish Society of Microbiologists and Epidemiologists. In 1951 it was divided into the Polish Society of Microbiologists and the Polish Society of Epidemiologists.
  The aim of the PSM is to propagate to the public achievements in microbiology, especially those developed by the Society members. To achieve goals, the Society organises scientific conferences, workshops, lectures, training courses etc. as well as competitions for outstanding research works. The Society supports the publication of books, makes recommendations to government authorities and cooperates in these activities with related Societies in Poland and other countries.

  In order to complete its mission, the association pledges:

  • to promote exchanges between its members and the members of other societies
  • to promote fundamental or applied research in microbiology.

Adherence of FITC stained Bacillus subtilis hly to macrophage-like cells J774 line (Olympus IX70, FITC and EtBr, 1000x, Institute of Microbiology Warsaw University, J. Wiśniewski)

   The work of the Society is concentrated in 14 Regional Branches. Between 1945-2010 regional branches were opened in: Lublin (1945), Warszawa (1949), Gdańsk (1951), Kraków (with Katowice), Łódź, Poznań and Wrocław (1952), Szczecin (1964), Białystok (1965), Katowice (1973), Olsztyn (1976), Puławy (1979), Bydgoszcz (2001) and Kielce (2009). Regional branches are the most important unit of the Society. In addition, virology sections operate in the Gdansk, Krakow, Lublin and Warsaw branches of PSM are the obligations sections is to initiate research in virology, to inform the members on the achievements and to organize scientific conferences.

   At first every two years but since 1952 every four years the PSM has organized a National Congresses of Microbiologists. Before the World War II, seven congresses were held in Poland (I-1927, Warszawa; II-1928, Lwów; III-1929, Kraków; IV-1931, Warszawa; V-1933, Poznań; VI-1935, Łódź; VII-1937, Lwów). Since the World War II 19 National Congresses of PTM have been organized (VIII-1947, Warszawa; IX-1948, Wrocław; X-1949, Gdańsk; XI-1951, Kraków; XII-1952, Łódź; XIII-1955, Poznań; XIV-1959, Białystok; XV-1963, Wrocław; XVI-1967, Lublin; XVII-1970, Warszawa; XVIII-1975, Lublin; XIX-1979, Szczecin; XX-1983, Warszawa; XXI-1987, Olsztyn; XXII-1992, Kraków; XXIII-1996, Łódź, XXIV-2000, Białystok, XXV-2004, Bydgoszcz, XXVI-2008, Szczecin).

  The Congress topics included: microbiology and immunology of tuberculosis, fungal infections, rickettsiae and rickettsioses, biology of viruses and anti-viral immunity, antibiotic resistance mechanisms and antibiotic therapy, bacterial toxins, pathogenesis of infectious diseases and infections, microbial ecology, microbial genetics, immunochemistry of bacteria, achievements of biotechnology, molecular microbiology and epidemiology, industrial microbiology, pharmaceutical microbiology, food microbiology, environmental microbiology and many others. Congress' abstracts are published as supplements to prestigious Polish journals or as separate books.


Mouse fibroblasts infected with Borrelia burgdorferi spirochetes (T. Chmielewski et al., National Institute of Public Health - National Institute of Higiene, Warsaw)

  The PSM provides a common meeting ground for scientists working in research and in fields with applications in microbiology, including medicine, veterinary medicine, pharmaceuticals, numerous industries, agriculture, food, the environment and education. The majority of members are employees of universities, research institutes and health services.
  The PSM publishes a quarterly journals "Polish Journal of Microbiology" formerly "Acta Microbiologica Polonica" in English, and "Postępy Mikrobiologii" (Progress in Microbiology) in Polish language with English abstracts and co-edits "Medycyna Doświadczalna i Mikrobiologia" in Polish with English abstracts.
  In 1927 in Marseille, France, the Polish Society of Microbiologists was co-organizer of the International Congress of Microbiological Societies (AMS, currently International Union of Microbiological Societies IUMS) and in 1977 of the Federation of European Microbiological Societies - FEMS. In 2005 the PSM became a member of European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, ESCMID.

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